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United Methodist Men

Helping men grow in Christ so that others may know Christ

The Peachtree City United Methodist Men want to thank you for your order.  This year, we are providing you direct access to the organizations that we feel will do an amazing job spreading for you.  We are providing you direct access so that you may choose the team that best suits your needs and you can schedule directly with them so that you can make arrangements that fit your schedule. 


Thank you for your support and we know you will be delighted with any of these organizations.


Byrd Lawn Care

Arias Helping Hands

Contact Person

Darrell Byrd

Ramon Arias





Days Available

Monday - Saturday

Monday - Saturday

Minimum Bale Order

Minimum 20 bales - Includes blowing and fluffing

Minimum 40 bales, unless other work to be performed

Spread Rate per Bale